The Recap

Basic information time! Glad to have you as a reader and I hope you enjoy following my thoughts and experiences.  I’m not sure how others stumble into writing or the desire to be published, but I have been writing since I was a child.  I remember taking long road trips with my family as I clicked on a laptop, working on that first precious novel.  I probably annoyed my siblings as I constantly worked on that manuscript. Since I was fairly young, it’s probably unsurprising that I was writing  a YA story, which I titled A Letter to Liberty.  It was ambitious, and based on history.  The focus was a young woman who lived in 1773 her relationships  and the how the war impacted her life.  In retrospect, it lacked precision, character development, plot, and the elements that make writing good. However, I attribute my love for writing to those days.  It was easy to jump into the novel and lose myself in my main character and her trials and tribulations.  During those same formative writing years I also wrote a lot of short stories, most of which were either fractured fairy tales or fantasy based. Let’s be honest, my last name is Grimm, how could I not fracture a fairy tale or two?

My current attempt at a novel comes after a long period of not writing.  I was too worried about school, work, dogs, and the other elements of living to really focus on crafting a good story.  After the novel experience of being laid off and moving half-way across the country in search of work, I finally decided to take the initiative and focus the things I love to do. Things which include putting words on a page in order to watch my characters grow and change and cheesecake. I really love cheesecake.

Now, I am gainfully employed once again.  The depressing and painful experience of unemployment ended last March – may I say, that is an experience I hope not to repeat.  I struggle like so many others to find the time to work and to write.

Oops, on that note, I really should get back to writing!

Word Count: 65,344